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Quality assurance services

Do you need an audit, review or compiled financial statements or forecasts?


Integrity, quality, accuracy, cost effectiveness, and timeliness are the cornerstones that management, owners and users want from an accounting firm providing assurance.


We want you to feel secure that all of your reporting needs meet the highest standards.


Cooke, Cameron, Travis & Company, P.C. has designed a system of quality control to provide reasonable assurance of performing and reporting in conformity with applicable professional standards to insure that all our assurance services (audit, review and compliance) conform to applicable professional standards.


The Alabama Society of CPAs-Peer Review Board Board has attested our system of quality control is suitably designed and compiled with to provide reasonable assurance of performing and reporting in conformity with professional standards of the American Institute  of Certified Public Accountants.

When you get compilation services from us, we'll get a general understanding of your business, accounting principles, and financial reporting system to insure that your financial statements conform to AICPA standards.


Our staff is available to assist you with all your reporting needs. No audit or review procedures will be performed when a compilation report is provided with your financial statements. Cooke, Cameron, Travis and Company work with you to ascertain that the appropriate assurance service meets your needs.


The report that will be attached to your financial statement will emphasize that the service is a compilation.

Compilation services

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Getting to know your business

Cooke, Cameron, Travis & Company, P.C. will get a general understanding of your business, applicable accounting principles, and financial accounting framework used in financial statements to insure reported information is fairly presented as it relates to the level of assurance and professional standards.


Our staff will communicate and assist management/owners before, during, and upon completion of the assurance services to help you understand your financial information and responsibilites as it relates to the reported information.